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Jeffrey Baker
Real Estate Broker

My work experience and inclinations are oriented towards customer service. There are numerous agents for clients to choose from and consequently I make every effort to distinguish my work by a meticulous attention to the needs of my clients. My goal is that clients are well informed of their options and obligations and that each transaction leads to satisfied clients referring my services to friends and colleagues.

Real estate has been a part of my life since childhood; my mother retired as an agent in 2007 after more than thirty years in the business. Towards the end of her career her clients often included the adult children of some of her first clients. In this and many other ways, I’m happy to try to walk in her footsteps.

My own liberal arts degree and extensive travel have permitted me to discover many different cultures and points of view. One of the great pleasures of being an agent is getting to know clients and their particular needs. Clients consistently tell me that my style is professional, courteous, easy-going and low pressure. But you be the judge.

Both professionally and in my private life, I’m concerned with the environment and our collective and individual impact upon the planet. This is why I took the courses and exams necessary to gain a ‘green agent’ certification. The certification from NAGAB (National Association of Green Agents and Brokers) means that I’m aware of the various options and government subsidies available to render homes more energy efficient. Not only can a homeowner save money by being more ‘green’ but buyers are increasingly concerned with global warming and are willing to pay for upgrades which enhance their home’s energy efficiency.

It would be my pleasure to speak with you regarding your goals and requirements for buying, selling, renting or investment properties.

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