See what my clients are saying!
  • «I was a first time home buyer and faced the prospect of finding a home with great trepidation. A friend suggested Jeff and after our first house visit I knew I'd made the right choice. It took us 10 months and countless visits to find the right place but we were successful in the end! Jeff was unflaggingly patient and understanding as I worked my way through figuring out what I really wanted, what I absolutely needed, and what I could dispense with in my list of wants/desires in a home. Above all, he never tried to push me into a purchase which was very important to me. As a first time buyer, this entailed many visits to many different types of places in different areas of town and through all of that and all kinds of weather (sounds like a mailman (sorry, letter carrier) Jeff was always cheerful and very informative. I learned a lot just from listening to his commentary on each place. I found it rather sweet that no matter the flaws in a place, he could always find something positive to say about it. He's an up beat kind of guy. I would highly recommend Jeff as a trustworthy and reliable real estate broker. And he's good company, to boot!»

    Carolyn M.

  • «Bonjour Jeffrey,
    Je tiens à vous remercier pour votre professionnalisme et vos conseils pour mon achat.
    Grâce à vous j'ai trouvé la propriété qui me convenait et le processus a été agréable et sans accroc.
    Comme vous le savez déjà, je n'hésite pas à recommander vos services à ceux qui m'entourent.
    Plus qu'un agent, je vous considère comme un ami.

    Marie L.

  • «When I started looking for a condo, I was short of time and had roughly only a month left before my rental lease expired.I first started looking for the properties by myself, and after quite a few visits, I realized the limitation of searching alone.
    One night when I was looking for information online, accidentally I found Mr. Baker's contact page, therefore I submitted my request without putting too much hope in it. To my surprise, the next morning Jeff called me, and after asking me my budget and other specific information, he offered me a whole list of properties specifically based on my preferences.
    Mr. Baker's fast response and professional attitude really impressed me and won my trust. I therefore started my new search with Mr. Baker and after less than 2 weeks, I decided to purchase a nice condo at a very reasonable price thanks to the efforts of Mr. Baker!»

    Junting G.

  • «Merci Jeffrey,
    pour ton service sans faille, ta disponibilité et ton côté Zen.
    Tu as su nous écouter et répondre à nos besoins. Nous n'hésiterons pas à te recontacter lors de notre prochaine vente ou achat de maison.»

    Félix et Véronique

  • «My family and I discussed buying our first home earlier this year, so we began what we were told from friends and family was the long process of finding a good agent and visit tons of homes.
    So armed with nothing more than a vague idea of what we were wanted and loads of excitement, we embarked on this venture. After a couple of calls to some agents we soon found a very nice home near where we were living at the time and made an appointment. In the end the house did not fit all of our criteria but it was near our family and did not require a far move, so we actually strongly considered it. We did not feel a connection with the agent nor that he even have our best interest in mind.
    We did not get the so called “warm & fuzzy feeling” from this agent or any other for that matter, that is, until we sent an email to Mr. Jeffrey Baker to employ his services. Immediately we got an excellent feeling from our very first conversation with Jeffrey; his easy going style, warm, engaging and inviting personality made us trust him from the beginning all the way through. He always kept in mind our needs and what we told him about our original search criteria. What was excellent with Mr. Baker is that he would bring it up in a timely manner to remind us what we are looking for and really, to keep us on track. (Lord knows at times we were just all over the place!) He was extremely patient and always listened to our concerns, questions and even our minor family disagreement… he is fantastic!
    Every single person who has come by to see our new home, are just amazed at the quality of our purchase. We are certain we will not have gotten this great place without Jeff!
    We would and will recommend Mr. Baker to anyone who is seeking a first home or even an experienced buyer he's just that good!»

    The Williams family